Sarthak Saxena

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My name is Sarthak Saxena! I am currently working at Playment as a senior Frontend developer. I am a Full stack web developer who strives to marry the love of web and graphic design by finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.
Oww shit that was too much ryt ? :P but I have more.


I’ve always loved solving problems and always keen to learn, and yea I do beleive in understading not just knowing things as one great personality has said Any fool can know. The point is to understand .... guess who ? Our famous physicist Albert Einstein who screwed up every god damm guy's school life aaahhh laws of motion but yea no offense.

Anyways being an avid developer, I beleive in connect, create deliver to the fullest. Wanna know me okay got it hire me.... but I am an expensive asset ? Haha :P just ping me at [email protected]
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/ Skills

I have practised and mastered various skillsets.


Ruby on Rails application framework optimized for sustainable programming productivity, allows writing sound code by favoring convention.


Mongo Express Angular Node,is an opinionated fullstack javascript framework - which simplifies and accelerates web application development.

Web Design

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites


A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability


I have also worked and deveoped projects in other aspects like PHP , JSP ,Java , Datastructures ,ionic and Windows App Development


Special Achiever's Award

I have received a Special Achiever's Award from VIT University for being the developer of I am also doing internship under VIT University for its maintenance and further development.

Recognition from Vellore Institute Of Technology

VIT University

Recognition from Alfa Infinity

Alfa Infinity

Alfa Infinity

Alfa Infinity.
Have worked at alfa infinity from the period of may to july 2015 and also have cofounded it. Alfa Infinity is a leading web solutions Company that provides with a complete range of Products and Solutions which help in improving business by attracting more customers to raise profits.


Designer and developer for VIT University's very own cultural fest's website
Riviera is VIT University’s ISO certified Annual International Sports and Cultural Carnival.

Recognition from Vit Riviera

Riviera VIT University

VIT University Website

Lead Developer
VIT University.
Have worked in the creation of VIT university's newly revamped website as lead developer and was part of its creation from mockups, designs and wireframes to what it is now. It was properly restructured and reframed to withstand a large amount of traffic at a time. It is buit light, fast and efficient using angular and code-igniter PHP.

Happy to help always.

Please feel free to ring my bell at anytime

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